Bali CMP workout program, exerciser and DVD

17 unique movements to get you in shape in record time. 10 series from 12-minute workout to 36-minute complete workout.

Bali CMP Method

Easy to carry. Easy to learn. Quick results! Here is a 12-minute workout sample.

BALI CMP is a complete Cardio-Muscular-Postural training method

Cardiovascular Enhancement

A good cardiovascular training is very important to  maintain good health nowadays. With its well designed interval training method, Bali CMP is what you need to enhance your cardiovascular system and lose fat.

Muscular strengthening

Bali CMP offers adequate resistance to strengthen and tone your muscles. Bali CMP will help you transform your body.

Posture Improvement

Good posture not only improves your overall appearance but also your health. Bali CMP uses special techniques that target key postural muscles.

Since I started using BALI CMP, my back pain is gone away!
Stephen Gacheru,
This method gave me a “curve in my chest” than many other women envy me!
Judith Tremblay,

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